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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

The Ideal Client


At ISM Management, any property owner could be an ideal client! Here are a few examples.

You are a former Northeast Ohio Resident. You used to live in a lovely home in Cleveland Heights or Lakewood, Brecksville or Rocky River, Independence, or Willoughby Hills…You were transferred to a great tech job on the West Coast. Your house couldn’t sell because of the market but you had to move, so you figure it’s a good investment as a rental. You have some savings and make good money, so it’s no biggie, but now, you’re 3,000 miles away. You have NO WAY to advertise and interview for tenants, no way to take phone calls, see if the grass is cut, deal with building code violations, etc. but you have a $3200.00 / year tax bill and a $900.00 / month mortgage. There are THOUSANDS of houses in some version of that situation right here in North East Ohio. You are not alone. If your home fits into this scenario, ISM Management can solve these issues for you.

You Are a Real Estate Investor With Houses. You came to the Northeast Ohio area because of the very low price of REO houses. You bought well, but your rehab suffered because of unscrupulous contractors or poor management. You are not over leveraged, but you must focus on other activities now, yet these houses need to be completed, rented, and managed and/or sold. ISM UNDERSTANDS, and we are ready to be your Property Manager!

You Are a Multi Family Real Estate Investor. You came to the relatively inexpensive Cleveland market looking for investment portfolio diversification 5 years ago, having done well in the market, or another business. You invested very little CASH, and are carrying a substantial mortgage on a couple of 10 – 20 suite buildings in decent suburban areas. You started with a decent manager at the time, lost him years ago for some reason, and never found another good manager. The buildings are now tired, and you are hundreds of miles away and busy with other things, there is still a mortgage, the rents are down because of the economy, vacancy is rising, taxes and insurance are up… and worse- the cash flow is squeezed. ISM can help you!

You are a local doctor, or business owner, who owns a building where your own office is located. Your business or practice is successful, but you are tired of dealing with day to day property management…deciding which paper towel supplier to choose for the bathrooms, for example! We can take that problem away, and let you focus on your business or professional practice.

You are a private lender, a financial institution or an Attorney. You have an asset in distress which requires immediate, professional attention. ISM manages for BANKS and private lenders that have, or are about to take over, collateral that is the subject of problem loans on small commercial properties.

You are an Attorney or Trustee for a client who is no longer capable of managing their affairs. An important asset in the client’s portfolio is a rental property of some type. ISM manages very successfully in these short term situations, preparing property for sale or other specialized transitions.

We hope ISM Management's wide array of service specialties makes YOU an ideal client!

For more information on ISM Management, call us at (216) 531-5310 or CLICK HERE to email us directly.


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